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Congratulations to the winners as the elections for city council in Santa Monica, CA, is now over and as a candidate he learned a lot and thank you for supporting. Troy Harris is now speaking on Santa Monica through the lens of mindfulness and vice versa as he contemplates his decision to run again in the future.

The Troy Harris Philosophy on Government

The people are devastated and there is a dire need for change. This is why my view on government is liberal because the safety net of social services needs to applied where it is most needed until all people have an equal chance to the same opportunities as promised in the constitution. Only then can we conserve our laws as they are written to the letter of the law because only then would everyone have been treated equally so they can be treated equally from that point forward.

Santa Monica is not progressive despite its reputation. Santa Monica is conservative since it conserves the status quo which is to consist of the most successful pursuers of positive competitive outcomes in life, secure their presence and keep them happy. We have out-competed ourselves because the tremendous success requires it be at someone's expense, and it was not until the pandemic and commercial downfall that ensued that winners need to give in to the demands of middle class and below as well as various backgrounds in order to fuel and relieve their system and keep the local (and global) financial system running as a whole, that it was in everybody's face. Corporations, homeowners and other majority groups can and do exert their strength in terms of power, status, money and population in this city leading to nepotism, cronyism and outright corruption. The result for everybody else is almost certainly be prone to live a life of crime and homelessness, our two biggest problems according to all demographics.

Now's the time for collaboration. The winning class needs to collaborate with the not quite there yet class because the way things are going, this competition without collaboration will cause more crime, homelessness as well as segregation as those with less resources get outcompeted while corporations, homeowners and other majority groups gain further influence. 


We need a government that takes personal development seriously. It is so dire that a new paradigm is required to even the social disparity amongst socioeconomic groups. Something is needed to measure the wellbeing improvement efforts and value that to an even higher degree than monetary finances. What I am talking about is essential income. This includes: 

  • Measuring the wellbeing level of each resident by providing a self-check chart for at home testing

  • Setting and achieving a global recognition goal for unbiased awards given to the city by organizations in the region, state, country or world

  •  Basing a substantial portion of city employees pay on the average of the two measurements stated above 

DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT and support my philosophy on government by demanding a move to a more collaborative society because the current way is not working.


Troy Harris

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Vote Troy for Santa Monica Council by Nov. 8!

Pickleball Speech

2022 Santa Monica City Council Debate


My experience includes:


  • Small Business Owner of Local Short-Term Rental Real Estate. 

  • Director of International Accounts for UPS (but my thoughts are my own).

  • Author of I Feel Good About Me and Host of the Positively T podcast.

  • Founder Chairman of Community Organization NOW Santa Monica.

  • Former Commissioner of The Clean Beaches & Ocean Parcel Tax Citizens Oversight Committee in Santa Monica