As the elections for city council members in Santa Monica, CA, approach, you may be looking for a candidate that you can feel confident supporting. Troy Harris is a city council candidate with the life experience and attitude to make meaningful change in several areas, including the local economy and housing for mixed-income levels.

Learn more about my platform, the issues that I am passionate about, and how you can make a difference.


A City Council Candidate That Is Determined to See Change

With years of experience as a small business owner and as a former commissioner of The Clean Beaches & Ocean Parcel Tax Citizens Oversight Committee, I understand the sacrifices and dedication that are necessary to make lasting changes. If you are tired of hearing the same promises and never seeing results, vote for someone who will continue to push for policies that benefit the community.

My goal is to represent and support residents of Santa Monica with a modest income. As we work together to breathe new life into the economy, reduce homelessness, and more efficiently use the land available, we can create opportunities for growth.

You have the ability to determine the direction that our city will progress, so vote for a candidate that will not be easily discouraged. Learn more about my history and why I am a good choice for the Santa Monica city council. If you are interested in offering monetary support, you can also donate and get a free hat with a donation of $20.

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Vote Troy for Santa Monica Council by Nov. 8!

Pickleball Speech

2022 Santa Monica City Council Debate

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Elect me for Santa Monica City Council because I speak on behalf of Santa Monicans with modest income who want change. I will:


  • Revitalize local economy with a vacancy tax on commercial landlords that encourages them to book tenants.

  • Fight crime using tax revenue from said revitalized economy to enhance police and public service officers. 

  • Reduce homelessness through enforcing anti-vagrancy laws and partner with Los Angeles to put clinics near train stations.

  • Create more multi-family buildings with mixed income levels through the responsible densification of single family zones, meaning strict regulations on the quantity, velocity and location of new multifamily structures in the R1 zone.

  • Cap the freeway from 20th to PCH, build housing and give priority to the minority families who were displaced by eminent domain in the 1960's.

  • Pro-Rent Control (Troy is a renter on rent-control in the Wilmont Neighborhood) amongst other ways to help affordability for all income levels.



  • Stimulate the Local Economy

    •     Tax building owners and retailers with vacancies while cleaning retail zones

    •     Offer signing bonuses to new retailers using vacancy tax money

    •     Maintain a 75/25 balance of local versus chain restaurants and stores

  • Increase Public Safety

    •     When economy recovers, use revenues to hire police

    •     Deter crime through police presence wherever crime can occur

    •     Hire field social workers to intervene with mentally ill

  • Decrease Homelessness

    •     Hold other cities accountable for their homeless residents

    •     Increase the number of beds in the region for our chronic homeless

    •     Use cash recovery incentive program DIGS for our recent homeless

    •     Determine which homeless residents are interested in recovery

      •         The ones who are, guide them to treatment

      •         The ones who aren't, ensure no loitering occurs, persistently

      •         It may take several contacts to determine this but not infinity

  • Increase Housing

    •     Realize social justice through housing for victims of eminent domain

    •     Invest in minority community, improve reputation, reduce crime long term

    •     Responsibly densify single-family zones while prioritizing high home values

    •     Balance 100% affordable, inclusionary and middle class vouchers

      •         When land becomes available, pick from one of these


    • Santa Monica has had commercial vacancies since long before the pandemic, accountability needed

    • Crime is exacerbated by the train, Prop 47 and understaffed PD...economy fuels public safety

    • Make the homeless problem controllable by holding other cities accountable for their people

      •     For homeless Santa Monicans, commit to your recovery, police will enforce anti-loitering laws

      •     The community must have  social workers and rehab clinics available for their recovery

    • The root of the problem is social justice as the communities with crime and homeless face injustice

      •     Invest in these communities, show good faith...the communities heal, including Santa Monica

Ballot Measure Positions:


    • Support​

  • GS - Funding for Homelessness Prevention, Affordable Housing, and Schools

    • Support​

  • PB - Personnel Board

    • Support​

  • DT - Real Property Transfer Tax Ordinance of the City of Santa Monica

    • Against​

  • DTS - Advisory

    • Against​

  • HMP - Cannabis Business Tax

    • Support​

  • RC - Rent Cap

    • Support​

  • EM - Rent Control Board Recommended Charter Changes

    • Support ​

  • SMC - College Bond

    • Support​

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Vote me as y